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It's an Author Adding Contest!

Here's how this works! Either submit content with an author, or find the author for previously submitted content and add it!

This Special Raffle has over $60 in prizes!

All Alpha Coders sites are part of this special raffle

Scoring URL: Author Adding Scoring

This Contest Ends 1 week from now ( Morning of May 1st )

It's A Raffle! A lucky person like you could win:

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This Raffle Ends 1 week from now ( Morning of May 1st )

Wallpaper Submission Prizes!

On every 5,000 wallpaper milestone, there will be a prize. You increase your % chance of winning the prize by submitting more wallpapers.

So there will be a prize at 720,000 wallpapers, 725,000 wallpapers, etc. 

There will be LARGER prizes every 25,000 wallpapers - with the next one being 725,000 wallpapers.

Prize Info: Winnings are paid via Gift Card or Paypal. You will be automatically Private Messaged if you win.

This Contest Ends 2018 years ago ( Morning of Nov 30th )

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